Hat Day in the Sun

15th Annual Hat Day in the Sun

Hat Day in the Sun is always a highlight of our summer and this year was our 15th Annual Sun Protection Hat Giveaway. We were pleased to return to Harlem this year and want to thank Evetta Petty & Harlem’s Heaven Hats for hosting Hat Day in the Sun once again. A HUGE thank you to Headwear Association Platinum Sponsor Magid who provided more than 200 hats. Thanks to THA Platinum Sponsor Brands, Dorfman Milano, Wallaroo Hat Company and Broner Hats as well, for generously donating free sun protection hats.

The lines for Hat day in the Sun wrapped around the block this year, and we were greeted with thank you’s and smiles as event attendees proudly left with their beautiful new Sun Protection hats.

Ninety percent of all skin cancers are caused by sun exposure, and the right sun protection hat is essential summer protection. For the past fifteen years, The Headwear Association (THA) has hosted Hat Day in the Sun, a national public awareness campaign, aimed at educating adults and children that the right hat can protect against skin cancer and premature skin damage.

For the past decade and a half, THA Platinum Sponsors have given away thousands of wide-brimmed sun protection hats across the country in cities including: New York City, NY; Stockton, CA; Boulder, CO; Los Angeles, CA; Charleston, SC; Philadelphia, PA; Lancaster, PA; Santa Cruz, CA and more.

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