Eighth Annual Hat Person of the Year

Every year, The Headwear Association asks headwear aficianados to name one style denizen Hat Person of the Year.

The 2018 Hat Person of the Year Nominees were:

Carmelo Anthony

Known for his dapper style, which always included a variety of hats, Carmelo Anthony has just added hat designer to his impressive list of accomplishments.  Melo recently released a five-piece capsule collection with Goorin Brothers.  Anthony plans on keeping the collaboration alive with more pieces to come soon.

David Beckham has topped dozens of best dressed lists, and we all know a sharp dressed man always wears a hat. The international soccer star turned designer has been busy finalizing plans for his new MLS expansion team, but he still finds time to remain effortlessly stylish.

Beyoncé has been a fan of hats for years. But ever since she got into formation with her album critically acclaimed album, Lemonade, Beyoncé has been embracing the hat trend in a big way. She wore two iconic hats at the 2018 Grammy Awards, a dramatic oversized chapeau and an edgy leather beret. She continued her fascination with the beret at this year’s Coachella, where she sent her dancers out in custom yellow Kangol and Pink berets.

Lada Gaga has never been one to shy away from statement making accessories, and Gaga rocked an instantly iconic powder pink hat by Gladys Tamez Millinery on the cover of her chart-topping album, Joanne.  The look helped Gaga rebrand herself as a more traditional artist while still maintaining her avant-garde edge.  Gaga has continued to don a variety of hats recently, and we look forward to seeing what hats she wears at her upcoming Las Vegas residency.

Chris Stapleton has been dominating the music charts, and making hundreds of appreances in his signature cowboy hat. After releasing his successful sophomore album, he won all three Grammys he was nominated for, including Best Country Album.  Stapleton also just won Album of the Year from the Academy of Country Music. He’s known for always wearing a classic cowboy hat with modern embellishments made by Charlie 1 Horse.

Past winners of of the Hat Person of the Year Award include Prince, Al Roker, Pharrell, Kate Moss, Kate Middleton, Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt.


The Headwear Association Names Lady GaGa

Lady Gaga, was voted Hat Person of the Year in a global online poll conducted by The Headwear Association (THA).  Her devoted fan base united in a social media groundswell, and Lady Gaga fan sites worldwide shared, tweeted and re-posted the legendary singer to victory.

Prince received 81% of the vote in an online poll, beating out Pro Baller and hat fan Carmelo Anthony (8%), the stylish David Beckham (2%) and country star Chris Stapleton (2%). Surprisingly, Legendary Beyonce only received 7% of the vote.

Previous Hat Person of the Year winners include Purple ReignPrince, Pharrell Williams; Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton; Johnny Depp; Brad Pitt; Kate Moss and Al Roker.

The Headwear Association is a 109-year old trade association, the oldest in the fashion industry. Our mission is to promote hats and the headwear industry throughout the world, and to foster goodwill and fellowship among those engaged in the headwear industry.

The legendary music and incredible style of Lady Gaga lives on, and we are excited to see what hat styles she pulls off next.

Previous Winners

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6th Annual Hat Person of the Year: AL ROKER

5th Annual Hat Person of the Year: PHARRELL WILLIAMS

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3rd Annual Hat Person of the Year: KATE MIDDLETON

2nd Annual Hat Person of the year: BRAD PIT

1st Annual Hat Person of the Year: JHONNY DEPP