Hat Day in the Sun

Lower East Side 4Hat Day in the Sun 2016

Hat Day in the Sun is an annual national public awareness campaign to educate adults and children about how the right hat can protect against skin cancer, sun damage, and premature aging. To celebrate this event, The Headwear Association (THA) members give away free wide-brimmed sun-protection hats in cities across the country. See Article

This year, THA celebrated Hat Day in the Sun on June 23rd . With help from our platinum sponsors and local hat shops, more than 3,000 sun protection hats were distributed nationwide, making this year’s Hat Day in the Sun a huge success. See Article

We held two Hat Day in the Sun giveaways in NYC sponsored by The Milliner’s Guild, Magid Hats and F&M Hats —  one in the Lower East Side at CityLore, and a second giveaway in Harlem at Harlem’s Heaven Hat Boutique.

Lower East Side 4

This was the sixth time Evetta Petty and Harlem’s Heaven Hats hosted Hat Day in the Sun. Harlem is one of our most popular Hat Day in the Sun locations. The event lasted four hours and the line wrapped around the block. More than 400 people received free hats in Harlem courtesy of Magid Hats and F&M Hats, including Marcella Lowery, who you may recognize from her role on The Cosby Show.

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Broner Hats hosted a Hat Day in the Sun giveaway outside of Detroit, Michigan at Auburn Hills SummerFest. Mayor McDaniel attended the giveaway and was presented

Lancaster 1

Dorfman Pacific Hat Company saw a great turnout at the giveaway that they once again hosted in Stockton, California at Lodi’s Farmer’s Market. Dorfman Pacific’s generosity overwhelmed us once again as they gave away more than 600 free Sun Protection.

A Hat Day in the Sun giveaway was held in Watsonville, California, hosted by American Hat Makers for the second year in a row. American Hat Makers shared some highlights of their event, penning this blog post detailing, among other things, how the Watsonville, California giveaway helped one man find a sun protection hat after facing sun damage. See American Hat Makers Post

Another extremely successful giveaway in Boulder was hosted by Wallaroo Hats at Weekends, a retail establishment that has been an ongoing supporter of Hat Day in the Bollman Hats hosted a giveaway in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Lancaster Online shared this article describing the hundreds of people reached at the Lancaster giveaway.

Hat Shop Madison, together with F&M Hat Company and Magid Hats, hosted a Hat Day in the Sun giveaway for the first time this year in Madison, New Jersey.

Milwaukee’s giveaway was hosted by The Brass Rooster, Hen House Hats, Magid Hats, San Diego Hat Company, and Dorfman Pacific Hat Company. One of our favorite Hat Day in the Sun moments this year was the signed thank you note from all hat recipients

The Headwear Association is continuing their mission of protecting people from sun damage with online Sun Protection Hat giveaways taking place on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Keep an eye out for the hashtag #SummerOfHats for your chance to win a free sun protection hat this summer.