2015 Retailer of the Year — Goorin Bros.


The legacy of the Goorin Brothers is one that follows a timeless approach to the art of hat making. In its fourth generation of leadership, Goorin Brothers continues the tradition of authentic family craftsmanship. The century old brand began on the streets of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1895.

Artist and craftsman Cassel Goorin started the company by creating custom-made hats sold off of his horse cart in the hard-stone streets of Pittsburgh. Cassel was a craftsman. He began each of his distinctive hats on custom wooden hat-blocks, each block having its own soul, its own personality. Every person who approached Cassel’s horse cart was treated as a guest. Adding the right feather, sewing the right lining, and often changing the block or pattern entirely, he set out to make each hat as individual as the customer purchasing it.

In 2006 Cassel Goorin’s great-grandson, Ben Goorin, took the lead of the company with an eye to the future and a strong foundation in his heritage. By bringing back Cassel’s secret recipes and adding modern twists, Goorin Bros. Hats once again stands out as a company representing authenticity and creativity.

Over the past few years, the Goorin Bros. team has been committed to reviving the neighborhood hat shop. There was a time when neighborhood hat shops existed in just about every community in America. The friendly and knowledgeable shopkeepers served its regular customers and created a gathering place, like the local tavern or barber shop. Goorin Bros. is focused on bringing this personal level of genuine interaction back. Goorin Bros. now operates more than thirty hat shops in the U.S. and Canada.

THA Retailer of the Year Award – Past Recipients


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