Scholarship Endowment

Baik Sung-hak was born on April 18, 1940, in Heilongjiang province, China. A series of unfortunate events left Sung-hak fatherless at age five and a Korean war orphan at the age of ten. Despite the numerous adversities he has faced, his experiences shaped him and his ardent work ethic, revolutionary thinking, and charisma led him to start the Young An Hat Company.

Today, he is a role model, and his values and generosity continue to impact many lives. S.H. Baik supports many charities and organizations, including a number of orphanages worldwide. His company generously donated $100,000 toward a scholarship for aspiring designers in the millinery field at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. The scholarship has been established as an Endowed Scholarship award fund with a pledge of $100,000. It will be awarded in perpetuity using the interest earned on the gift.